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A pool is an incredible resource for your community—one that your residents will appreciate and enjoy. Of course, pools also require some additional work in order to keep everyone safe and happy, and that includes having the right insurance coverage.

If you don’t have the right coverage, one accident can mean high liability for your association, which can have immediate and long-term repercussions.

Does your HOA have enough insurance coverage for the upcoming pool season? Here are some things you should keep in mind, including types of coverage every HOA needs for their pool.

Start with basic coverage.

General liability and general property policies are a must for every HOA, and many pool-related incidents will be covered with these two policies in place.

A general liability policy will cover incidents that happen in or around the pool area. A general property policy will cover potential damage to the pool itself.

Look into an umbrella policy.

While basic coverage is an important first step, pools and other water areas bring with them an increased risk, which is why additional insurance may be necessary in order to make sure you are fully covered. This is especially true if you have features such as a splash pad, diving board, water slide, or other “extras” in your water area.

Know the laws.

Your city, county, or state may have laws concerning community pools and required insurance coverage. Become familiar with these laws in order to make sure you are fully compliant in all areas, at all times.

Consider events taking place around the pool.

In the summer, everyone wants to be outside, and if possible, around the water. That means that your community’s summer events may be happening in or around your pool.

If you are going to be hosting events in your pool area (or really anywhere in your community), it is worth your time to look into special event insurance. This type of insurance will protect your association if anything unfortunate happens during the event, including harm to people or damage to property.

Another thing to consider is whether or not alcohol will be served or allowed at your event. While forbidding alcohol at community events is always going to be your safest bet, that is not always realistic. Be sure to establish strict rules around alcohol distribution and consumption, including drink limits, ID/age checks, and alcohol cutoff times. Additionally, obtain liquor liability coverage in order to protect you from liability for any alcohol-related incidents.

Create and maintain safe spaces.

While having adequate insurance is absolutely necessary for pool season, one of the best things you can do to keep your community safe is to create and maintain safe public spaces. That means regular inspections, adequate safety equipment, proper maintenance procedures, appropriate signage, and trained staff on site.

Forethought and upkeep will help minimize risk for everyone in your community, including your HOA.

Talk to a broker.

Still not sure what kind of coverage you need? The best way to ensure you have adequate coverage is to talk to an insurance broker who specializes in HOA insurance, and who is familiar with your local laws and requirements.

When you talk to a broker, make sure you know:

  • The size of your community pool(s)
  • Pool features (diving board, water slide, etc.)
  • Pool equipment and maintenance practices
  • Other pool areas, including outdoor showers, lounge areas, locker rooms, etc.

If possible, have your broker visit your pool area to see what features you have and what special coverage you might require. This will be the best way to make sure your broker is well informed about your unique coverage needs.

You want your community to be a fun, safe space for everyone. You also want to minimize liability for your HOA. Get the best of both worlds by making sure you have proper insurance coverage for your community’s spaces, features, and events this pool season. Your homeowners and board members will thank you.

At Blue Lime, we make HOA insurance simple. With years of experience insuring HOAs, we can help you demystify the process to get the right coverage in the right amounts. Contact us today and see how one of our brokers can help protect your board and community.