Days before renewal that we start the quoting process.
Days before renewal that you have a quote for condos.

It’s not cool to give you a quote at the last minute, but that’s what many carriers do. They’re trying to be aware of the risks that come with the moving parts of condo associations—but ultimately, it just leaves you waiting. By the time you get the quote, you hardly have any time to discuss it before you have to make a decision. We move up the timeline, giving you time to make an informed decision you can feel confident in.

Monthly Payments

We understand the logistics of condo association management.  Cash flow is typically a concern.  It doesn’t help when you have to pay a huge chunk of money out for your condo association insurance.  With Blue Lime you can choose to make monthly payments* allowing you more flexibility and better cash flow

*Monthly payments require an approved premium finance agreement. Payments include principal and interest. Not all clients may qualify. See agent for offer, details, and terms.

Insurance for condo associations, from people who know condos.

Innovation and Insurance: We're Changing Everything!

Drawing on years of experience in community management, Blue Lime was founded with the goal of meeting the unique insurance needs of community managers and board members. What does that mean? It means we know your pain points when it comes to insurance, and we’re here to help.

We have streamlined this process for everyone involved. Through our software, managers can easily create the certificate themselves or email us the request.

From that point forward our system will ensure the mortgage company automatically gets a copy of the updated certificate each year. Yes, you read that correctly. We stop the emails or phone calls before they are even made. Our process allows you to focus on the projects that matter, spending less time on administrative insurance mumbo jumbo.

Certificates of Insurance Requests: An Innovative Approach

Each mortgage company needs a certificate of insurance (COI) for a condo association’s insurance. It’s an important and necessary process, but it can be extremely time consuming. Each year, one by one, condo owners or mortgage companies will get in touch with the manager to request a COI. The manager typically hands the request off to the insurance agent who is tasked with officially issuing the request. Too much “back and forth” for our taste.

From that point forward, our system will ensure the mortgage company automatically gets a copy of the updated certificate each year. Yes, you read that correctly.

We stop the excessive emails and phone calls before they are even made. This is just one example of how our process allows you to spend less time on administrative insurance mumbo jumbo, so you can focus on the projects that matter.

What’s keeping you up at night?

If there is one thing that should keep you up at night as a board member or manager of a condo association, it is stressing over accurate values for your buildings. Inaccurate values numbers can mess things up down the line, leaving you grossly underinsured or increasing the premium. We see this all the time, and often, no one on the board seems to know where the valuation numbers came from. Don’t risk it by listing an unsubstantiated number on the insurance application.

We can provide you with nationally recognized building valuation estimates in an easy to read report that your board can review and use to determine insurable values. Effortless and accurate—that’s our way of doing things.

View a Sample Report


A few things to consider:


  •  You want to make sure the values you are using are based on today’s costs. Often, associations will use values listed on an insurance application 10 years ago that simply gets copied from year to year. The problem? Your under insured will not receive full payment from the insurance company in the event of a claim. Make sure your values keep pace.
  • Most commercial insurance policies contain a clause that severely penalizes you if you under insure your property. In the event of a covered claim, the carrier may end up paying you far less than the amount needed to repair the damage. This is called a coinsurance penalty.

Condo Insurance, done right.

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