Risk Management

Exclusive Platinum Blue Lime Risk Management Audit service.

Our team of risk nerds (in case you were wondering, that is an official term) work with a member of your board and/or manager to do an in person evaluation of your association. As part of the audit, we review what assets you are insuring, your financial controls, your maintenance programs, your employee set up, and beyond.

High rise and mid rise board members often wonder if they are insuring too little or too much. You may find yourself asking what types of coverage are available and what best practices are recommended. At the end of our audit we provide you with solutions that your board can use. We see our service as much more than just selling you insurance.

You are one of a kind, baby!

Your association may be a little… different. We are too.

Mid rise and high rise associations have a uniquely diverse number of exposures that require a deep dive into the building’s operations to truly understand and make an informed decision about coverage. If you’re on the board of your high rise or mid rise association or you manage one, then you need more than an insurance “sales person” to help protect your assets, your residents, and your board. You need an insurance expert in this specialty sub niche who will partner with you to provide the information you need to make an informed decision. Our firm provides unique programs tailored to your association with some of the broadest coverage and excellent pricing.

If you have a unique property that needs a unique type of insurance, we’ve got you covered. Our high rise and mid rise association policies cover things like: tanning beds, fitness centers, locker rooms, parking structures, media rooms, cigar rooms, roof top (podium) pools, restaurants, elevators, boiler rooms, pump rooms, cooling towers, trash compactors, staffing/employment coverage, and valet. Throw us a coverage curve ball… batter up! Let’s play ball.

It isn't IF, it is WHEN!

If you have been on the board for awhile, you know that a claim can quickly take over your life. One of the most stressful situations a board member or manager can find him or herself in is dealing with a claim or lawsuit.

Statistically, most high rises or mid rises will deal with at least one lawsuit every 5 years, and each one can last for several years. Navigating nasty claims or lawsuits on your own can feel like navigating a minefield. Most agents are happy to sell you a policy but less than happy to help you through a difficult claim. Our claims team is committed to ACTIVE claims management, meaning we take some of the burden off of you. You don’t need to ask for updates; updates come to you.

*Monthly payments require an approved premium finance agreement. Payments include principal and interest. Not all clients may qualify. See agent for offer, details, and terms.

A Fresh Kind of Insurance

A Fresh Kind of Insurance

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