Can a bid be beautiful? YES!

Our bids are… well, a piece of art. Maybe they aren’t a Monet, but they do get you the information you need in a concise and comparative format.

Confusing piles of insurance paperwork are worthless. You want to understand what you are paying for and how it stacks up against the competition. Clarity is needed when making a decision on insurance. You want options. You want to know what the options are, how much each policy costs, and what is covered.

It can be difficult to navigate the sometimes confusing niche world of HOA insurance. Our quoting process is built around providing clarity, showing you what each carrier is offering. But forget the piece of paper – behind our quote is a knowledgeable staff happy to guide you through the process.

Like buying snow tires in the South

It would be a big waste of money to buy snow tires for a climate that never sees snow. Many master associations end up wasting money in much the same way. They end up footing the bill for insuring amenities, property, and risk that sub associations are responsible for. No two master POAs are the same. It is important to understand the nuances of your particular association. We dig into the details.

Boilerplate commercial business insurance just isn’t the answer when it comes to insuring a master POA. We work with you to understand your unique risks and then communicate with underwriters to design coverage specific to your situation.

Start by getting a quote

*Monthly payments require an approved premium finance agreement. Payments include principal and interest. Not all clients may qualify. See agent for offer, details, and terms.

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