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It’s summertime, and pool season is in full swing! Fun summertime activities provide valuable entertainment and relaxation, but they come with a cost. From an insurance standpoint, diving boards and water slides increase risk and liability, and we’ve seen a steady decrease in the use of these features in pools over the past few decades.

Here are a few things to consider before adding a slide or diving board to your community’s pool:

Higher Premiums

While HOA residents may enjoy a pool with a little extra fun, insurance agencies feel very differently. Because they are unpredictably dangerous, pools with diving boards and slides are much more costly to insure. To many HOAs, higher premiums, coupled with the increased risk to homeowners’ safety, simply isn’t worth the appeal of these extra accessories.

Refusal of Coverage

Worried about more costly coverage for your community pool? How about no coverage at all? Even when compliant with local municipality laws and regulations, some insurance agencies will exclude pools with diving boards or slides because they present such a significantly increased risk for injury and medical expense.

Minimize Risk and Costs

Whether installing a new pool or maintaining an existing one, it’s important to take steps to minimize the effects on your HOA insurance premiums and make your pool a safe, valued feature in the community.

Work with your pool builder or maintenance company to implement effective safety measures such as a pool cover, buoys, and other life-saving devices to minimize risk and decrease your premium.

Regardless of the risks, swimming pools are a main source of summertime fun and a favorite for many HOA members. Investing in the right coverage will protect your budget and prevent pool time from becoming a risk management headache. Our qualified Blue Lime agents are eager to help you find the very best coverage at the right price. Contact Blue Lime Insurance Group today for all your HOA insurance needs!