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Cyber Crime Coverage

In a technologically-driven world, cyber criminals have no shortage of potential targets to keep busy. With growing awareness and increasingly effective protections within large corporations, these criminals are zeroing in…

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Loss Runs

A loss run is a document provided by your insurance company that provides details about all claims that have been made during your policy period. Loss runs are used to…

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HOA Scams

Here’s a frightening fact: every year in the United States, $50 billion is lost in workplace crime against small and medium-size businesses. One of the most common crimes committed? Scams!…

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Premium Financing

What is insurance premium financing? Insurance premium financing has nothing to do with the insurance policy itself; rather, it is a way to finance the purchase of the insurance policy….

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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is designed to add another layer of protection for your family, and assets, in conjunction with your general auto or home insurance. Essentially, umbrella insurance is available to…

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