You want to impress your board. We help make that happen.

It is 3:30pm. Coverage for the association you manage is going to expire at midnight. You still don’t have a quote from the insurance agent. You call the agent who blames the underwriter. Finally, you get the quote at 5:15pm. You send it to the board and they are backed into a corner, forced to make a last minute decision.

  • Knows and understands your role
  • Gets you quotes ahead of time
  • Provides weekly claims and reports
  • Easily arrange monthly payments

Insurance that isn't so... 1980


No More Difficulties, YAY!

Forget all the annoying paperwork. Our SMART application is online, with tutorials to help walk you through the process. When you renew, our system simply requests that you update us on a few items of information.

Grab What You Need, FAST!

When the board is ready to move forward, we collect a digital signature online to find coverage. Does a homeowner need a certificate of insurance (COI)? DO you have a mortgage company asking for a copy of the policy? With BlueLime you don't have to call your agent. You can grab that information on demand through our online policy management portal.

Ditch the Annoying Claims Process

We make reporting and managing a claim easy for you. You can submit a claim on your phone, tablet, computer, or by phone. Wondering what information you need to collect? We solve that mystery by providing an easy claims process that allows you to upload pictures of the broken fence right from your phone.

Once the claim is submitted our system emails you regular updates. We can automatically send the report to whomever you would like. Everyone stays informed... and you don't get blamed for the speed of the adjuster.

Our Awesome SMART Application

Like Aspirin for insurance applications.
We get it. You want the application process to be easy, quick, and self explanatory. We can’t promise it won’t be a pain… but we think you’ll feel a lot less of it.

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